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Pushcart Prize Nomination

Macri_Bluestem2017My grandmother had a cuckoo clock that hung on the wall but never kept time. Yesterday I received word that Bluestem has included my poem “Story” in its nominations for the Pushcart Prize. The star of this poem is the cuckoo, what we call the rain crow here. It migrates to South America for the winter and returns here to North America to nest in the summer. While it is conscious of time by nature, the rain crow knows no borders. Its story is one to keep in mind.





Macri_Salamander2017.jpgAs I was driving away from a funeral at Zion, a blacksnake crossed the road in front of me. “As if night knew and understood it had no hands” appears in the latest issue of Salamander. This poem exists because of D – – – -. Thank you for sending us love and light even after passing.

Pushcart Prize Nomination

Macri_Quiddity2017A few days ago I received word that Quiddity has included my poem “When Beauty Was Found Sleeping” in its 2017 nominations for the Pushcart Prize. This piece is in the good company Quiddity‘s other nominations, fiction and poetry by Joanne Diaz, Elizabeth O’Brien, Heather Cox, Cindy Lam, and Charles Cote. This poem, the last in this issue, is particularly appropriate now as we face a decision to go back to sleep or to wake, as we come to understand the implications of what sleeping or waking means.

Time to wake.