recent print

“What pleasure a question” in Poetry (December 2017)

“As if night knew and understood it had no hands” in Salamander (Fall/Winter 2017-2018)

“The River Employs a Cursive Hand” in Tar River Poetry (Fall 2017)

“A Cameo Cut in Shell” in Stoneboat (2017)

“Grass Domes” in Naugatuck River Review (2017)

“Story” & “Oh Be a Fine God, Kiss Me”in Bluestem (2017)

“The Influence of Smoke on Public Health Has Been Considerably Overestimated” in   New Madrid (Summer 2017)

“In the Oxbow Garden of Latin Names” in Sugar House Review (Spring/Summer 2017)

“Wishbone Road” in Crab Orchard Review (2017)

“Say We Found the Lions’ Gate Buried in the City” & “After Beauty Is Found Sleeping” in Quiddity

“Carnelian, which Suggests the Flesh” in cream city review (Spring & Summer 2017)

“Black Walnut Form” in Lake Effect (Spring 2017)

“As the city trees are dying, they build a jewel box” & “Eight arches hold the weight” in  Moon City Review (2017)

“Supercell” & “Multiflora Rose” in The Cape Rock 44.1 & 44.2 (2017)

“Apples like Roses” in Birmingham Poetry Review 14 (Spring 2017)

“And Hope to Die” in Third Coast 42 (Fall 2016)

“Star Prairie,” “And Clave the Wood for a Burnt Offering,” & “A Warmer White” in Cimarron Review 196 (Summer 2016)

“The woods are,” “Pear and Pine,” “Cypress and Pine,” & “Persimmon” in Arkansas Review 47.2 (August 2016)

“Young Seahorse Viewed as a Transparent Object” & “Ivory Arms, Face; Feet; Gold Clothing” in Redactions 20 (2016)

“American Andromeda” in The Pinch 36.1 (Spring 2016)

“LaCroix Creek” in Limestone‘s 30th anniversary issue (Spring 2016)

“Landlocked” & “The Alligator Goes No Farther North than This” in Prairie Schooner 90.1 (Spring 2016)

“On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres” in Ecotone 11.1 (Fall 2015)

“Daisy and Muse” in Louisiana Literature 33/1 (2016)

“Nightjar” & “The widow sings before the storm” in The Cincinnati Review (Winter 2016)

“A double purple web with rose design:” in Water~Stone Review 18 (2015-2016)

“This Is Venus” & “The Pillar of Cloud by Day” in Adanna #5 (2015)

“Apple Lake” & “Fingernail, Claw” in The Southern Review (Summer 2015)

“New Lead Belt,” “Old Lead Belt,” & “Lead Bloom in New Madrid (Summer 2015)

“Orebodies” in Natural Bridge 33 (Spring 2015)

“American Robin” in Bone Bouquet 6.1 (Spring 2015)

“Feet of Stars” in Chariton Review 38.1 (Spring 2015)

“American Beauty,” “American Kestrel,” & “Arimipichia” in Cave Wall 13 (Winter 2014)

“So Eden sank to grief” & “Sorrow is not a yard” in Arts & Letters 29 (Fall 2014)

“The Pillar of Fire by Night” in Cottonwood 71 (Fall 2014)

“It Had Long Words (Wings), the Eagle” & “Big Muddy, Mulkeytown” in North Dakota Quarterly 80.2 (Spring 2013)

featured Illinois poet in The Spoon River Poetry Review XXXII.2 (Summer/Fall 2007), fourteen poems + interview