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Hunger Mountain

Macri_HungerMountain_2018.jpg“Remembrance: Dream, Palace of Drought” steps out of the Heartland into the Everyday Chimeras volume of Hunger Mountain.


New Madrid

macri_newmadrid_20171.jpg“The Influence of Smoke on Public Health Has Been Considerably Overestimated” — its title from an article in The Black Diamond, the 1909 publication of the National Coal Exchange — takes a trip to Rend Lake in the summer 2017 issue of New Madrid.

Moon City Review & The Cape Rock

Two poems about coal in St. Louis, “As the city trees are dying, they build a jewel box” and “Eight arches hold the weight,” appear in the latest Moon City Review, while The Cape Rock includes two pieces also rooted in the changes we’ve made to our environment, “Supercell” and “Multiflora Rose.”